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Yearly Savings with Metrohm IC Analyzer

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Save time and money by using Metrohm’s cross-sectional flow based inline ultrafiltration. The bulk of the sample is pushed under the filter to the waste and small amount of filtered sample is pulled into the sample loop for injection. The continuous flow under the filter prevents cake formation and extends the life of the filter. The ability to rise with ultrapure water minimizes the possibility of any carry-over.

• 200-300 samples using single 0.2 micron commercially available filter
• Better protection and longevity for the analytical column
• Carryover <0.1%
• Huge savings on consumables if using filter caps or syringe filters

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Enviro930 Flex
919 Autosampler
56 sample positions
1 rinse position
Sample Prep Module
Manual Dilution
MagIC Net Software
Enviro-Plus930 Flex
858 Autosampler
148 sample positions
3 rinse positions
Sample Prep Module
Automated Dilution
MagIC Net Software