Enviro-Plus Package


Basic anion IC with chemical suppression and 858 autosampler is capable of analyzing samples for anions in low ppb to high ppm range for a high throughput lab. The system features 858 autosampler with 148 sample positions and MSM anion suppressor with 10 year warranty. This system is dedicated for full automation including ultrafiltration, in-vial dilution and automated eluent preparation for maximum productivity & profitability. The estimated consumables cost per sample on this system is about $0.87, far less than any other IC systems.

  • High Sample Load
  • Autosampler with 148 positions and 3 rinse positions
  • MSM anion suppressor with 10 year warranty
  • Data handling
  • EPA 300 method performance or better

Download environmental lab case study

WorkflowOptionsSavings (click on picture to calculate your savings!)
Filter SampleUltrafiltrationCost-filtration
Eluent PreparationEluent Preparation ModuleCost-eluent

Sample Dilution

CCV/CCB Insertion

Rerun samples
Automated In-Vial DilutionCost-dilution
ReportingMagICNet Software

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