Enviro Package


Basic anion IC with chemical suppression and mid-range autosampler is capable of analyzing samples for anions in low ppb to high ppm range for a medium throughput lab. The system features our mid-range autosampler with 56 sample positions, MSM anion suppressor with 10 year warranty and inline ultrafiltration for huge savings on consumables and labor. The estimated cost per sample on this system is $0.94, far less than any other IC system in the market.

  • Medium Sample Load
  • Autosampler with 56 positions and 1 rinse position
  • MSM anion suppressor with 10 year warranty
  • Data handling
  • EPA 300 method performance or better

Download environmental lab case study

WorkflowOptionsSavings (click on picture to calculate your savings!)
Filter SampleUltrafiltrationCost-filtration
Eluent PreparationEluent Preparation ModuleCost-eluent

Sample Dilution

CCV/CCB Insertion

Rerun samples
Automated In-Vial DilutionCost-dilution
ReportingMagICNet Software

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