Metrohm Environmental IC Packages

For decades, ion chromatography (IC) has served a key role in water and environmental testing laboratories. Commercial IC instruments have evolved considerably over the years as IC is used in more and more accredited testing methods.

Are you getting the most out of your ion chromatography instruments? Do you wish to increase your testing capacity, improve sensitivity, or leverage automation to increase efficiency? Now is a good time to rethink environmental IC and learn about our new IC configurations designed specifically for water testing.

 Eco IC Compliance
Enviro IC
Enviro Trace IC
Includes Software
Includes Detector
Chemical Suppression
Column Heater
Dosino Suppressor Regeneration
Eluent Degasser
Sample Degasser
Carbonate Suppression
Available Options
919 IC Autosampler Plus
858 ProfIC Sample Processor
All-in-one computer
In-Vial Dilution
Eluent Preparation

Metrohm’s philosophy is simple – advanced technology at a low operating cost that provides a quick return on investment. Our low detection limits give you the ability to extend your measurement range to the lowest levels. Metrohm’s filtration, dilution and eluent modules lower costs per sample. Our exclusive ultrafiltration option can save you up to $27,000 annually.

Download an environmental lab case study to see first hand how you can save with Metrohm.

Technological advantages

Our environmental analyzers offer high sensitivity that expands your measurement range. This gives you the flexibility to report on levels previously too low to detect. The 10-year warranty on our chemical anion suppressor is possible because of its unique construction and complete chemical regeneration. Our suppressor is impervious to iron fouling which keeps your operation costs low and increases your uptime.

Calculate your own specific cost savings using our suppressor calculator.

WorkflowOptionsSavings (click on picture to calculate your savings!)
Filter SampleUltrafiltrationCost-filtration
Eluent PreparationEluent Preparation ModuleCost-eluent

Sample Dilution

CCV/CCB Insertion

Rerun samples
Automated In-Vial DilutionCost-dilution
ReportingMagICNet Software

Need help deciding which Environmental IC analyzer fits your needs? Contact us for more information. 

Why Metrohm?water-eval-img_titration

Take advantage of a unique combination of support and service as well as true money savings and efficiency gains.

  1. Installation
    Our installation team is trained to give you more than just the instrument set up. Our Service Engineers will run calibrations to ensure your IC is performing to factory specifications or beyond. Our environmental installation package includes guiding you through setting Method Detection Limits (MDL).
  2. Service
    Take advantage of our comprehensive 2-year Total Care Service plan. The plan includes a comprehensive preventive maintenance visit at the beginning of the second year to ensure your IC continues to operate as designed. Added features such as Priority Response means you won’t be left waiting for help should you need it.
  3. Training
    Get the most out of your technicians with our IC training classes. Held in one of our facilities, you will learn how to run your new IC at peak efficiency. Introduction to advanced software features and operational tips and tricks will increase your productivity even more.